Monday, 5 August 2013

The Inseparable Pair of Flowers & Weddings

On hearing the word wedding, our mind creates a beautiful ambience decorated with beautiful flowers; does this happen with you as well? Wedding is a beautiful occasion when two souls unite, and to celebrate this union, flowers are showered as blessings. Today, flowers are used in wedding for various purposes; let us see what those are, and how they make an event happy.

The Venue And The Flowers:
Starting with the venue, there are loads of options that wedding planners are opting for. The use of table bouquets and wall hangings are the most common choice of all, but the creativity that they put in is always new. To enhance the beauty & elegance of the venue, different flowers in color theme are styled at center table, on stage and at other places. in weddings, generally roses, carnations, sunflowers, lilies, & orchids are used as they are a symbol of serenity & love. There are florists in Singapore, which offer special wedding flowers to make the choice easy & simple. The wide options for flowers for vases, centerpieces, & bouquets add to the beautiful memories of the wedding day.  

The Garlands & Bride & Groom Hand Bouquet:
The bride and groom carry beautiful floral bouquet on their wedding day. Also, in some culture, or as it is in trend these days, both bride & groom address each other with heart-whelming floral garland that looks magnanimous.

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Addressing The Guests:
Recently, in a wedding I noticed that all the guests to the wedding were welcomed with flowers. The women were presented floral bouquets & the men were given small & elegant floral broche for their suit pieces. This is a very beautiful way to thanks the guests for coming up & shoeing their presence as a blessing to the newlyweds. This is a unique way that wedding planners have introduced. The florists are helping them to create such beautiful bouquets & broaches with lovely flowers.  

There are also various other ideas that wedding planners are using today to make the day special for the couple. The relation of flowers & wedding is best portrayed by them to bring happiness, & blessings into the life of newlywed.

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