Thursday, 29 August 2013

Avoid These Floral Mistakes At The Wedding Day

To make your dream wedding perfect, we are here to save you from committing few blunders. Here are certain common mistakes that most of the people commit and then spoil the beauty of their wedding day. Here is a list of certain mistakes that you must not make to save your wedding day from any blunder.

  • Ignoring the advice of your florist
If your florist advice you particular flower type, color scheme, or arrangement, then it is important to pay him good attention. You can definitely tell him your likes & dislikes, and he accordingly can make the alterations.

  • Forget to plan flower budget
Flowers are important when it comes to venue decoration. So, do not commit the mistake by forgetting to make budget plans of florists. Once you are ready with the budget plan as well as theme, then the florist would be able to suggest easily.

  • Selecting an oversized bouquet
For bride’s bouquet, several girls think that larger the bouquet would be, more better it would look. But, you must think about comfort as well. Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to carry too big bouquet? Also, why do you wish to carry something big & heavy and want to affect the look of the wedding dress as well?

  • Going with single color theme
This is also one of the big mistakes at the weddings that people prefer same color theme at the wedding. For instance, if the bridesmaid are wearing pink gown, then choosing same pink color flower bouquet would give disappointing look.

  • Exclude the expensive flowers
Do you also believe that excluding the expensive flowers would cost you extra? In that case, you need to
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give a better thought on this. If you’ll choose a cattleya orchid instead of bunch of roses, then that would cost you the same and yet give extra charm to the d├ęcor.

  • Placing last minute floral orders
If you are placing the order for flower delivery at florist in Singapore, then do not wait for last minute order booking. Place your order well in advance so that the florist also gets good time to arrange the best flowers for the event.

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